Do you need a translation?

It doesn’t take more than a few clicks to run your text through translation software. Why should you even consider a professional human translator? The simple answer is that I’m not a machine. I look at how you or your company communicate. With all my heart 💛 and a great deal of empathy, I then translate your texts into another language. In doing so, I always keep the bigger picture in mind: if there are discrepancies in the source text, I draw your attention to them or ask about them.

In addition, I always adhere to the dual control principle: all translations are double-checked by a native speaker or another professional translator. As such, you can be sure that your message is successfully communicated and nothing gets “lost in translation”.

I offer translation services in the following languages:

French, Spanish

My fields of expertise:

  • Sustainability, Environment, Climate Protection, Renewable Energies,
  • International Politics and the Economy,
  • Education,
  • Management, Coaching, Consulting,
  • Marketing, PR

I am always happy to learn something new, so do not hesitate to contact me personally for translations in fields other than those mentioned above (if I can’t help you, I have a wide network of experienced colleagues who can).


General fee per line: EUR 1.75 – EUR 2.20 per standard line*

Prices vary according to the degree of technicality of the text. Don’t hesitate to contact me for a quote – ideally with the text to be translated as an attachment:

* 1 standard line = 55 keystrokes including whitespaces