Proofreading / copy editing

Do you need someone to proofread or copy-edit your text?

Brochure, product leaflet, manual, guidebook? Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD thesis? Or a PowerPoint presentation? Have a professional proofread your texts and publications. After all, it is a well-known fact that two heads are better than one!

I’m highly meticulous, have proficient knowledge of German, and a big heart 💛 for your texts. By having them checked, you can send them to the printer’s with peace of mind.

I offer basic proofreading (checking for typographical errors and grammar mistakes) as well as more comprehensive copy editing (proofreading plus improvements in style and checking for consistency and accuracy) for all types of texts.


Proofreading per standard page*: EUR 10-15
Copy editing per standard page*: EUR 15-25

* 1 standard page = 30 lines of 55 keystrokes, i.e., 1650 keystrokes including whitespaces

I only offer proofreading and copy editing for German-language texts. If you need to have documents proofread in other languages, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m happy to recommend suitable, highly qualified colleagues!