Language services

eloquentia, -ae, f. (lat.): from eloquor: to speak in an oratorical or eloquent manner (Lewis & Short)

Interpreter and translator with a heart 💛 for your texts

I’m passionate about languages. As an enthusiastic, empathic, and experienced interpreter, I help you to

💛 get your message across at all kinds of conferences and meetings,
💛 make your events accessible for international audiences, and
💛 enable German-speaking audiences and speakers to participate on an equal footing.

I’m also meticulous and won’t deliver your translation until I’m absolutely certain it has the exact same meaning as the original.

Are you looking for a translator or an interpreter (on site in Austria or remote via video conference)? Don’t hesitate to contact me:

What can I do for you?

I put my heart 💛 and soul into…

interpreting: for your conference, event, meeting, or administrative procedures; on site or remote (German <> English)

translating: reach more people by having your texts translated into German

copy editing: have your German publications proofread before printing

plain language: (coming soon)