Tamara Paludo

Who is behind eloquentia?

Tamara Paludo – Interpreter and translator translating my love 💛 of languages into your texts

Even back when I was little, I was fascinated by other cultures and languages. I was (and remain) convinced: it is extremely enriching to get to know people whose backgrounds are different to your own.

For this to happen, people need to meet on an equal footing. They need to be able to communicate despite language barriers. They need to have equal access to information – in their own language. I consider it a huge privilege to enable them to do this in my professional life!

Tamara Paludo eloquentia

A few highlights from my professional life:

  • Freelance conference interpreter and translator since 2016
  • City of Vienna Translation Prize 2019 for literary translation
  • Several years of experience as a (remote) community interpreter
  • Several years of experience as an in-house interpreter and translator for an NGO
  • Several years of experience as an in-house translator at a patent attorney’s office
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Certified translator and member of UNIVERSITAS Austria (Interpreters’ and Translators’ Association)
Board member and editor of the members’ magazine since 2021

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Member of the Austrian Economic Chambers in Vienna


  • BA programmes Transcultural Communication (German, English, Spanish) and Romance Studies (French) in Vienna and Paris
  • MA programme Conference Interpreting (German, English, Spanish, French) in Vienna
  • Training in Plain Language / German (2024), Voice Acting (2014) and Acting (2015/2016)

A little more about me:

I’m fuelled by tea—if you ever see my desk, you are most certain to find a cup of chai or Earl Grey tea steaming away next to my computer.

My social media posts almost exclusively feature my mascot, “Ella Eloquentia” the doll. The way she came into being is emblematic of the way I work: her clothes were made by a friend who is gifted at tailoring. Another friend who is gifted at painting gave her a face. I’m not gifted at either, which is why I trusted my friends with these tasks. In my professional life, I do just the same: if I’m not the expert you are looking for, I’m happy to recommend a suitable colleague.